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Friday, April 8, 2011


So, I made 3 of the FFWD recipes in one fell swoop, as I was a bit behind.   I did the scallops with orange sauce, quinoa fruit salad & crumbly broccoli all in one meal.  I had made the quinoa dish ahead- 1st time I have ever cooked with this grain- it made a nice dish, especially with the nuts, fruit, herbs & sauce.
The broccoli was tasty, although I noted that I would probably decrease the crumbs next time.  And the scallops were superb, quite a splurge for an entree!  My husband actually cooked them- I tend to be timid with seafood and/or fish- he did a great job & I enjoyed him helping me!
A very nice meal for a Friday evening, indeed.


  1. Nice to pull them together in one meal!

  2. Good for you. I was running behind this week and even though Nana got her broccoli done days before me....there I was stopping by the grocer's on the way home from work FRIDAY :) Good thing this recipe was so absolutely phenomenal. Nana and I both enjoyed it and will be making it again many times.