Time spent in the garden and kitchen is not time wasted; the essence of quality is attained through toil, not technology.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vanilla Eclairs

Ok, so it's pretty clear these are not beautiful (largely due to the fact that I am an inexperienced ninny with a piping bag); but they were darn sure yummy!   I did the coffee version and seemed to have some of the similar problems a lot of you had- the eclairs deflated and, on top of that- my pastry cream became too thin when I added the suggested coffee flavorings!  Even after an overnight in the frig.  So I need to figure that one out- suggestions most certainly welcomed.....
Also, I did a simplified version of the short ribs in port in my precious little Moroccan tagine, newly purchased.   What a scrumptious dish; my dinner guests & DH loved it!  I modified using a recipe provided with the tagine.    Cheers to all my FFWD friends!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Wow, I just realized next week is the vanilla eclairs- we are moving into divine territory! How will I hold to my Lenten discipline to give up desserts? Guess I could make them & give them to the neighbors- yuk yuk....NOT.


So, I made 3 of the FFWD recipes in one fell swoop, as I was a bit behind.   I did the scallops with orange sauce, quinoa fruit salad & crumbly broccoli all in one meal.  I had made the quinoa dish ahead- 1st time I have ever cooked with this grain- it made a nice dish, especially with the nuts, fruit, herbs & sauce.
The broccoli was tasty, although I noted that I would probably decrease the crumbs next time.  And the scallops were superb, quite a splurge for an entree!  My husband actually cooked them- I tend to be timid with seafood and/or fish- he did a great job & I enjoyed him helping me!
A very nice meal for a Friday evening, indeed.