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Thursday, April 12, 2012

FFWD-Sardine Rillettes

Ok, so I really thought this one over- I mean, it totally fell into the "I would never eat this, but I must try new things" genre.....my primary impulse was to run in the opposite direction & perhaps wimp out with some salmon croquettes or something similar.  But I mulled it over, while reminding myself that my dear husband & a particular close friend love love luv any kind of smelly little fish prepared any which way.
So....I decided to prepare it for them and not ME.   I sorta appreciated the order of the recipe, as I could mix & have fun with all the other ingredients; then throw those sardines in at the last minute!
So I pried open the cans (the cat was standing close by on duty);  one of them had the little bones in the fish, but true to Dorie's instructions- they were quite easy to dismantle.  I was working quickly, mind you, those little fish- well, you know.....So I mixed them all up and put the rillettes in a nice tidy bowl with some crackers on the side & proudly served them to my husband.   The other half of the recipe went to my friend who also loves anything with sardines!  Yes, he relished it also; so in that respect we have a winner!   And truly one of the wonderful things about cooking is sharing things with those you love.
My dear sweet Mom, bless her soul, would have been proud of me!

So please link to http://www.frenchfridayswithdorie.com/?p=1033#comments, just in case you are curious about how others fared with this sardine concoction!