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Monday, January 7, 2013

Herb speckled spaetzle

Howdy, Doristas- I have missed you girls & guys, but I am ready to jump back into some Dorie cooking action!  Hope everyone survived & enjoyed their holidays and has a grand start on 2013.

Just a few short notes on this first recipe for January (why oh why did it have to be my re-entry choice?)   Let me say I am a huge believer in multi-tasking implements in the kitchen;  BUT buy the damn spaetzle maker....holy moley, what a mess trying to urge this dough through an ordinary grater!  Am I just a klutz or did anyone else have difficulty?  I really thought I was going to have to throw that grater away, when I attempted to clean it....when I have to resort to toothpick cleaning of the dishes after dinner; well, let's just say No.  I am not even mentioning the cleaning of the stove or various other pieces of equipment.
Mom; what is that stuff?

1st ever attempt at spaetzle-scary, huh?
How I adore my fresh farm eggs!

So, anyway, it was just OK in flavor- I did it, it was not pretty and will probably not be repeated.
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  1. Welcome back!

    This was a bit of a messy one. I gave in and bought the tool for future renditions. (My poor grater needed a very throrough scrub donw after...)

  2. It was quite messy - I threw the grater right into some hot water to soak while I finished dinner, so the clean up wasn't too awful. I might have to invest in a spaetzle-maker - my partner has decided he wants to have this semi-regularly.

  3. Oh, yes, this was a messy, disagreeable dough to work with. If I ever want to make it again, I'll go and buy the gadget. But it was tasty, so that seems like a definite possibility in the future! I wouldn't mind giving it another try. Yours looks pretty tasty! And I'm so envious of those farm-fresh eggs!