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Saturday, January 12, 2013

FFWD- Long Slow Apples

"Lord, please remind me not to start a Dorie recipe on a morning when I am pressed for time and have an appointment, thank you."
And to relate this story, I have to tell you about the bread, also.   Today was my sourdough bread baking day, and I prepared the starter last night.   I will just get that kneaded first and then do the apples.  Hop out of bed, get the coffee started, feed the dogs and run around doing little chores.
Big oops, I neglected to put the coffee filter in, and, of course, it oozes all over the floor.   My cat loves it when I do that, she just primly sits there and watches it drip everywhere- it totally fascinates her while it drives me bananas!   My sweet husband helps me clean that disaster up- now I am in a bit of a tizzy.

On with the bread- with the slight humidity of today- the dough is sticky and clings to me, the mixer and everything else.  Put in a little extra cleaning time there, ditto.   But it's done and in to rise.

Peel, core, cut- get out food processor to cut them thin- butter little cups; yikes, I better cut out that parchment paper (damn it that stuff never stays flat!).    Don't forget the sugar mixture & let's chop up some sugared orange peel to go on there.   Oh, gee, I am running late!
New Breville food processor- why the heck won't it fit properly; what am I doing wrong??  Crack, out flies a chip from under the bowl!   Ok, just took the new off that one, huh?    Luckily, it still works and we forge ahead and manage to get some lovely thin apple slices.
 This recipe took a long time...
 Prepped for the baking
 Love it when that coffee goes everywhere!!
 Was it worth it?
Take your time and place them in nice layers in the bowls- now butter, sprinkle & do it all again.  Oh, dear- look at the time.....throw them in the ramekins, toss on the sugar, cover them up in a flash and into that preheated oven.   Minutes to spare; I am out the door.
Later in the afternoon,  I have the finished beautifully scented apples, and you know what, they are, as Dorie promised, quite simply divine.
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  1. Hi Bev, Thanks for visiting my blog…now I can add you to my google reader! Your apples look luscious and very pretty! As I read your blog post I felt right at home. Nice post!

  2. How lovely that dessert turned out. These were so tasty I was sorry I cut the recipe in half.
    Who knew? Have a great weekend.

  3. Sounds like a hectic morning but you are right, these were totally worth it. I loved them!

  4. Cute dog (and cat)! Your apples look delicious. I liked this easy recipe too.

  5. This was a good recipe for a busy day. Sounds like everything turned out well in the end.

  6. your apples look quite tropical! How wonderful that it turned out so good - I hope it redeemed your day! :)

  7. The part I liked best, Bev,was "throw them in the ramekins" which is what I did by the time I got to the third one. I actually had the time to make this dessert, did not have to run off to work or feed the dog or spill coffee grinds to amuse the cat or make the bed or comb my hair. AND, I still thought this was too labor-intensive for my taste. However, didn't it taste delicious? Maybe, just maybe, I will try this again when I am not so wary of the madoline. Your apple concoction looks gorgeous, by the way. Cute pets.

  8. Yeah, sometimes the timing in my head doesn't match the timing of reality. I totally have that problem!
    Great looking apples :-)

  9. This is definitely not one to do on the fly. I think a day ahead would be beneficial! Then just warm them to finish. Your apples look fabulous!

  10. I feel your pain !! I feel like I have been rushing every where and in everything I do lately as I try to catch up. I had a Saran Wrap disaster on this one but chuckled about it. I just made it through the liver (since Nana basically brought me all the ingredients and had cleaned up the organs....) and I had to move quickly to keep the cat and dogs away from it. They at least presented a "Plan B" if my guys didn't like it but it wasn't needed. We survived liver week- phew. Your pets are adorable- I love that shot of the cat in particular as there is a boatload of personality in that expression. My kitten is enjoying swiping everything off counters and tables and cleaning up is the best workout I have had in a while......

  11. Life is so crazy, right? I will be trying this recipe this weekend. Thanks for sharing!