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Saturday, September 15, 2012

FFWD- Spice Poached apples

 Have to admit when I first read over this recipe; I had visions of that awful fruit mixture that used to get passed around & you would stir & add more fruit....I can’t say, perhaps it was only prepared here in Texas, but, yuk!
Anyway,  decided to give it a whirl- any recipe with vanilla beans & star anise has to be worth it. I went with one apple & some nectarines and pluots that needed a mission.
The sauce was quite tasty and it made a pretty little dessert  for our dinner.   My only question was that the sauce needed much longer to reduce & it did not seem  thick enough.  Guess I could have doctored it up, but the taste was yummy! To see how our other marvelous cooks fared please link to http://www.frenchfridayswithdorie.com/?p=1201.

 How I love my copper pot!
 Getting started.
 Oh, so pretty....
 Juicy for sure
Too busy hunting squirrels to cook!


  1. I love how the stone fruit skins colored your poaching liquid a beautiful rose. hope the taste was as good as it looked!

  2. That looks so pretty and such a great way to use up fruit hanging around. Sometimes fruit
    does not look too good in the refrigerator, but it's amazing what a little poaching can do.
    I love the heading on your blog, my thoughts exactly.

  3. Your copper pot is beautiful and I love the combination of fruits you used.

  4. The pot is gorgeous and it looks like your rescue mission was successful

  5. Whatever the taste, it looks beautiful! I do like beautiful food.

  6. The combination of apple, nectarine and pluots sounds just wonderful and it looks very pretty and so delicious! So nice to see that you are posting again!

  7. Glad you enjoyed this. I think the syrup got better with age - more mellow and sweet.

  8. I LOVE your copper pot! I'll be this was good with peaches. I did apples with mine, but my pot wasn't nearly as shnazzy.