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Friday, February 17, 2012

FFWD- Mussels with Chorizo

First of all, let me say- I don't do shellfish & fish very willingly; frankly, they scare me.   Cooking times are so very critical, not to mention, are they dead or alive??   But, my dear husband, loves anything form the ocean or waters, so here we go.  I proclaimed to him that this week's recipe was composed of mussels & he was oh so pleased.   I said, oh Lord, where do you even get them?  Costco was his answer, every Friday; fresh, just waiting to be plucked.    So he proudly brings home a little net  5 lb. bag of mussels and scrubs them for me to place in the lovely broth that I prepared.....I plopped them in, set the timer for 3 min.- then covered for another min or 2.
He peeked under the lid- said they were all opened and ready to enjoy on their soft bed of pasta.   I have to admit, they smelled very luscious.    Husband dug in & consumed a bunch of them.   I was a bit picky; why did some of them look just plain funky in those shells & some were nice & round??
OK, so bottom line here is "did, done, experienced them- maybe not again, any too soon. "  Get my drift?


  1. The closest Costco is at least 100 miles from us - I surely wish that one would pop up one of these days!
    I enjoyed the mussels, but I think next time I would go "team clams" or "team shrimp".

  2. These look terrific. Clearly I need a Costco card and keep refusing since we are only two, but it sounds like there are some terrific deals there. Glad you enjoyed these!

  3. Costco does have some beautiful foodstuffs, but I sometimes question if we save anything when DH goes in there & shops. Also, we are only 2 at home, and the quantities can sometimes be way over!

  4. I'll have to try Costco for mussels next time around. We're only 2 at home, but for the things we get there, I think the membership is worth it.

  5. I also got my five pound bag for two people! We love mussels, so going through the whole lot in two nights was not a big deal. Congratulations for testing your comfort zone! That's often the best/most challenging part of FFwD.